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YEAH! Peak of the Week 8/2 YEAH! IG, Keep Veggies Fresh, Goose + Animal

Window with Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah! signage

YEAH! IG, Keep Veggies Fresh, Goose + Animal

Winery Happenings
We can’t wait for you to be with us in person when the Yeah! Tasting Room opens on 9/1. You can follow along on the progress being made in this Extradimensional space via the Yeah! Instagram page. This is also the spot to keep up with Hardy and 2023 harvest happenings. It’s the time of year we are all waiting for, and the bloopers are already going strong from his first vineyard vid of the season.

Keep it Fresh
Gardens are abundant and CSA boxes overflowing this time of year. There are hundreds of recipes and strategies for dealing with the pounds and pounds of squash, but it’s still overwhelming to stay on top of. This easy to follow article is rich with truly useful resources to assist in keeping your produce from rotting and going to waste. We have it bookmarked.

For Fun
Maybe it’s the candles shaped like Emmental cheese, but there is something about the wares at Nata Concept Store that keep the smiles going. Kate is vying to be a west coast stockist so she can play with the dice candles but in the meantime is making a point to gift these one of a kind beauties far and wide.

Reading List
One month to go until the close of summer and still plenty of time to get all the books read. We found this impressive list of mysteries, memoirs, essays and romance novels to be both dependable and exciting. Another one to save for when you get stuck (as we often do) scrolling and trying to decide what to pick up or revisit next.

It’s festival season and the Newport Folk Festival just wrapped. If you want to keep the good times going, watch the Muppets Animal sit in with Goose at Fort Adams. The collaboration is impressive and Animal still has what it takes rocking it out on his mini-drum set. Other highlights from Newport include this Billy Strings video of “Meet Me at the Creek” and Lana Del Ray singing “Hope is a Dangerous Thing.” Warning: watching will have you planning next summer’s live show lineup.

Other Journal Posts

Yeah! List

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