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YEAH! Peak of the Week 4/19

Your Extradimensional Peak of the Week is Here!

The 2023 Spring Wine Release is underway, and we have four new California Energy Wines that will knock your socks off:

- 2021 GO RICK RED! So good you'll be chanting Go Rick!
- 2022 SUMMER-SALTERS ROSÉ II Your vinous anthem for summer!
- 2022 FULL KING CRAB II Exuberant, complex, refreshing!
- 2022 MARVELOUS MOURVÈDRE Old Vine Mourvèdre masterpiece

If this article in Forbes about wine tastings resonates, get a few friends together and join Hardy for an Extradimensional Wine and Aroma Energy Experience and have the MOST FUN with wine that you have had in years!

Saturday 4/22

$60/ per person*
Sugarloaf Winery / Santa Rosa, CA

*no fee for Yeah! Camp and 12-bottle Yeah! Wine Club Members. Want Hardy to come to you for a tasting? Just ask Jill and she will set it up.

TODAY @ 3pm PT
Hardy (@winecoyeah)and legendary designer, Brian Steely (@briansteely) will be LIVE on Instagram talking about music, design, wine, and the creative process. These two are both living their dreams working with mediums that require immense skill, patience, and an ability to translate raw creative energy into physical form - be it in print or bottle. Moderated by our friend award-winning photographer, writer, director, and editor James Joiner, this is a conversation not to be missed. To access the Instagram live event, go to Instagram and click on @winecoyeah at 3PM PT. Questions can be asked in the chat, and we will post a recording of the video afterwards.

Hardy's background in ethnomusicology has him exploring and learning how to to play the Morchang (the Rajasthani Jaw Harp). This musical instrument consists of a flexible metal reed attached to a frame, and it makes some wild sounds. If you are in our neighborhood you may hear him practicing on the deck or in the barrel room at the winery. Check out this solo by Gafur Khan.

If you haven’t heard, today and tomorrow mark the first of two eclipses taking place in a row this year. Look up or click here to see the total solar eclipse. Then tune in for the penumbral lunar eclipse on 5/5. It’s bound to be a pretty Extradimensional Eclipse Season.

Sides and salads always are always in demand to accompany the main act. This sesame cucumber and avocado salad stands up straight with crunch and creamy texture. A good recipe to tuck away and pair with meals off the grill and your new Yeah! Wines. We have also determined that this butter will grace every dinner party table that we set for the rest of the season. This hand-molded benchmark butter from the Isigny region of Normandy should not be used sparingly.

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