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YEAH! Peak of the Week 3/8

The POW (Peak of the Week) is here. Please forward to those in your circle that could use an Extradimensional lift to redefine the hump.

Happy Wednesday!

On Saturday we hosted an enthusiastic group of Yeah! Campers at the winery for an in depth blending seminar. Each person received a line up of 8 sample bottles filled with 2022 Yeah! wines and under Hardy’s guidance set to work learning why and how to blend wine. Hardy explained how in years of extreme weather conditions, it is especially critical to bring together grapes from the various vineyards we work with to allow the shining components in each component to sing together in harmony. This eliminates the need for manipulation and showcases wines expressing a symphony of their beautiful natures. The attendees worked as a team and created a captivating wine (2022 Yeah Camp! #2), which will be bottled this summer and made available to Yeah! Camp and Yeah! Wine Club members.

Shoutout to Adam Green from Ollie’s Artisan Bread in Napa for bringing his pizza oven to the winery and keeping the blending team well fed.

Hardy was interviewed by MJ Towler on the Black Wine Guy Experience Podcast and spoke about the importance of letting your guard down and embodying a sense of trust in the face of fear - both when experiencing wine and in life.

“I think of fear as gravity for our souls. We are held down by the gravity of fear. When we break free from it we hit a moment of infinite wonder."

Kate recently finished Alice Feiring’s latest book, To Fall in Love, Drink This: A Wine Writer’s Memoir. Alice generously pours each tale allowing us to fully witness the influence of love, family, loss, miracles, and yes, wine on her soul. Anticipation builds in each chapter at the chance to read about her chosen wines. Alice’s sense memory is striking and her convictions about wine as a living and breathing part of our weird human lives, which deserves reverence as such, is understood in a new way.

We are always in the mood for quick, delicious, and wine friendly weeknight meals. This black pepper beef and cabbage recipe is wonderful (non NYT link here) and also works with chicken and tofu. This dish pairs great with a cellar-temp, double-decant of our 2021 Brosseau Vineyard Grenache.

Our friend and videographer, Chad Tomas alongside, Caludine Cho and Esther Chan all of the newly formed Oof stories completed a feature on Alice Jun and the Making of Hana Makgeolli from Brooklyn, NY. It is well worth the watch to learn about Korean rice wine, and we look forward to trying this unfiltered and beautifully cloudy sool soon.

Pull out the 2021 Nightlight Red. If you haven't heard, this is the wine for secret gatherings, grazing, and long night talking. It is as if Bandol and Burgundy had a love child that was raised in the redwoods of Northern California. You are bound to adore it.

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