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Yeah! Peak of the Week 3/13/24 Plan a Party, Good Tunes,Tea Time

Plan a Party, Good Tunes,Tea Time

The sun is out and the vibrant world of Northern California is blooming. The Yeah! Tasting Room is open for reservations. Book your appointment on TOCK and come experience an exciting new line-up of Yeah! wines. The tasting room is also now available for private buy-outs, transforming any spring soiree, gathering, or partayyyyy into a next level event filled with YEAH! Email us for availability.

Our newly launched podcast, The Extradimensional Life is humming right along. Make sure to listen in from your preferred podcast platform. Next up we feature the very extradimensional duo, Stevie Stacionis and Josiah Baldavino of wine retail shops, Bay Grape Oakland and Bay Grape Napa and restaurant, Mama Oakland. For a sneak peak into this episode, check out Stevie's freshly launched substack featuring a new paradigm for the wine industry, Resilient Wine. We dig into the "why" behind this framework and much more during our conversation with Stevie and Josiah.

There are a number of pop music albums dropping this spring by some very famous ladies. Kate is most looking forward to Maggie Roger's album, Don't Forget Me and suggests keeping her new song in rotation.

If you are a lover of tea, as we are, and have not yet heard of Leaves and Flower, you are in for a treat. They offer a wide selection of handcrafted herbal infusions and small batch teas. Each botanical blend is hand-picked and then carefully oxidized, pan-fired, and rolled or fermented to reach truly extradimensional quality and flavor. Order them all!

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