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Yeah! Peak of the Week 2/28/24 Spring Bottling, Daikon Radish, January 1985

Spring Bottling, Daikon Radish, January 1985

Next week, we will bottle our latest wines, a ritual that always prompts reflection. Our everyday chatter is replaced by the loud sounds of the bottling line, and the clanking of glass reminds us that actual moments, captured in time will soon be headed on to each of you. These wines are a distillation of seasons, of sky, and of many a sunset, and this is what Yeah! is all about.

Watching Justine Doiron create and style recipes on her Instagram account is incredibly entertaining, and her culinary creations have garnered widespread acclaim. However, her impact extends beyond traditional food blogging. Through her recipes, Justine intertwines vulnerability and storytelling. This recipe for Charred Daikon Radish Soup is a great example and sure to be a hit on any table.

Would you venture over a mile through knee-deep snow in pursuit of cheese? We just might, inspired by this delightful tale in Food & Wine recounting the journey through Swiss snowdrifts for a taste of exquisite fromage. It certainly left us imagining the trek and wanting to know more.

The new documentary, "The Greatest Night in Pop," delves into the legendary evening of January 1985, immortalized by the gathering of music's luminaries to record "We Are the World." Additionally, The Rolling Stone's Music Now Podcast offers an episode that gets into the untold narratives of this iconic all-star session, serving as a complement to the film, and we recommend listening in.

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