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YEAH! Peak of the Week 5/24 Not Much Rosé, Book of Delights, Artichoke Season


Winery Happenings
We are down to 46 bottles of Summer-Salters Rosé II. If you want a bottle (or two or three) for your summer soirees, hit the link and order what you can. The latest Extradimensional shirts also fit summer like a tee so don’t wait to add this latest Yeah! merch to your collection. Please note: shipping is included on t-shirt orders.

Long Weekend Reading
We proclaim it on our website and do believe that, “what we delight in, defines us.” (take us up on that mystery box of delights!!) Ross Gay’s essays from his 2019 New York Times Bestseller, The Book of Delights celebrates the ordinary delights and the beauty in the world around us. This book is a treasure and one that Kate highly recommends you pack for the upcoming long weekend.

Sad Songs
Music (not unlike wine) has the ability to transport us and connect us - sometimes in truly unexpected and astonishing ways. Like, why do we all love sad songs? This article gives a glimpse into the brain science behind why people listen to such songs. If you are looking for a single to accompany this article, try this beautiful song by Allison Russell.

On the Walls
Andy Gilmore is a designer, draftsman and musician based in Rochester, New York. His work is an exploration of the physical properties of sound and light put to form. A few of his pieces will be gracing the walls of the new tasting room, and we can’t wait for you to see them in the fall.

Artichokes are in! They really are one of the most beautiful items to see growing in the garden or on the market shelves. Grill them up for a smoky flavor and you will for sure want to include this yogurt sauce and pistachio topping recipe. Try it with a bottle of 2022 Full King Crab II.

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What we delight in, defines us.

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