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YEAH! Peak of the Week 4/17 Summer Wine Weather, Pottery, Grilled Salmon

Stacking bowls of pottery

Summer Wine Weather, Pottery, Grilled Salmon

Winery Happenings
It is true, our wine inventory is low, low, low. If you don’t yet have our latest wines or need to re-up, we recommend doing it now. We are offering a special combo on these absolutely perfect summer weather wines while supplies last. Purchase the following Summer Sixer of Yeah! Wine, and we will include one glorious Extradimensional t-shirt to your order.

  • 1 bottle 2022 Summer Salters Rosé - a most complex and refreshing Rosé
  • 1 bottle 2022 Full King Crab II - intricate and crunchy Brosseau Vineyard white blend
  • 2 bottles 2021 Go Rick! Red - a red blend that is spectacular and effortless
  • 2 bottles 2022 Marvelous Mourvèdre - an illuminated old vine Mourvèdre (PS: THIS. WINE. IS. INSANE.)
  • + 1 Extradimensional t-shirt!!!!!

Form + Function
Alleghany Meadows is a widely acclaimed studio potter based in Carbondale, CO. He is well known for his nesting sets of functional bowls and plates. He is also the founder of the iconic Artsteam Nomadic Gallery and co-founder of Studio for Art + Work and Farm Fruita. Alleghany draws much of his inspiration from details and objects in nature. He and his family are long time Graham fam friends, and you will likely see a piece or two of his when you visit the new tasting room in the fall. Until then, we think you might enjoy checking out his work.

We love that The Big Sur Bakery cookbook is organized seasonally by months, and May holds a Grilled Salmon with Meyer Lemon Dressing that will certainly show up on dinner plates well beyond the month. Another option for Grilled Salmon is to add Meyer Lemon Relish, which can be found here.

Good Reading
Joan Baez, at 82 is an inspiring force and a truly Extradimensional human. In this interview, she shares insights about writing, art, and activism, and she includes some wonderful gems, such as, “when you are trying to make it “right” - that’s when it gets all stiff.” We strongly agree, Joan.

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