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YEAH! Peak of the Week 7/19 Book a Tasting, Interview, Prompt

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Book a Tasting, Interview, Prompt

Tick, Tick, TOCK! Fall 2023 Yeah! Wine Tasting appointments in our new tasting room are now open via Tock.

We are narrowing in on the completion of the Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah! Wine Tasting room in Sonoma, and you can be the first to come visit. The Tasting Room is located in the Sonoma Court Shops at 27 East Napa St. Suite E, Sonoma, CA 95476. We will be open by appointment Friday-Sunday from 10am-4pm.

The space embodies the word Extradimensional – meaning “beyond compare.” At just under 700 square ft, the tasting room is designed to reflect the pulse of each nature-filled Yeah! wine that will be poured, channeling the California energy flowing through them. You will be greeted by a mural designed by renowned concert poster artist Brian Steely that incorporates California wildlife such as the magnificent condor amid a contrasting backdrop of deep green, yellow, and blue representing the state’s diverse natural landscape. We can't wait to have you in!

Plan your visit and book your reservation today.

Tune in each Friday to The Wine Makers Podcast - a weekly podcast recorded in Sonoma Valley featuring the amazing Brian Casey, Sam Coturri, Bart Hansen & host John Myers. These guys are filled with knowledge and bring loads of Yeah! Want to know what Hardy is most excited about in wine right now? Listen to last week’s interview with him on The Wine Makers Podcast here.

Senior wine critic of the SF Chronicle, Esther Mobley recently investigated the knotty history of the Winkler Index - a technique for classifying the climate of wine growing regions based on heat summation or growing degree-days, and the main road map for planting grapes in California in a post-Prohibition era. Winkler’s studies and applications were far from perfect, and in this quickly shifting climate era with increasing concerns over how grapes will fare in the midst of extreme weather, this article is not to be missed.

We really enjoy hearing from you. Tell us what you are currently jazzed about this summer - a new art exhibit, wine note you wrote, recipe, article, activity (Kate recently picked up tennis), hack, vacation spot, sound or song, poem or rhyme - anything goes. We would love to share it with our mailing list in a future Peak of the Week.

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